Great reasons to join Gymophobics

  • We are a ladies only facility
  • Sessions take just 30 minutes
  • Expect amazing results
  • You will get VIP attention on every visit
  • It's a friendly, social environment
  • Our 'Air' resistance circuit and Resisted Tension workout makes exercise easy & fun
  • There is no embarrassment – no showers or mirrors to negotiate
  • It's not intimidating–other members will be just like you
  • Our appointment system ensures no waiting around
  • Courses from just £1 per day

Gymophobics 30 minute figure improvement programme called Resisted Tension™ (the first exercise programme in the UK to be awarded a Trademark) offers an excellent alternative to conventional workouts. That’s why it attracts people of all ages and does not require you to be fit to achieve serious weight loss and figure improvement.

Not only is RT far easier than other workouts, it won’t make you sweat.  Working out in a conventional gym involves a lot of sweating but not necessarily much fat burning. Did you know that if you run as fast as you can nonstop on a treadmill for an hour you will have lost LESS than a quarter of a pound of fat.

RT is very different and is designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine. By combining Isometric exercise with the Gymophobics circuit, muscles are toned far more effectively and you will burn far more calories (even when you are sleeping). This combined with a healthy eating plan means the resulting weight loss can be very dramatic with most ladies losing a dress size in the first few weeks.

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"We are extremely proud that in less than ten years we have been able to help more than 100,000 women improve their figure and fitness and change their lives for the better."

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Membership from less than a £1 a day

Great value for you

We have all heard stories of the extortionate fees being charged by some gyms so it is good to know that Gymophobics have a no frills approach to attract as many people as possible to take up a healthier lifestyle.

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A problem shared is a problem halved. Write to Donna with your weight loss and exercise dilemmas

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