LATEST UPDATE: 05/01/2014
By now all members should of been written to and been told that they can cancel their membership(direct debits) as they are not now enforceable contracts. If this is not the case, please could you contact the Franchise Office by email on as we have been advised by the financial ombudsmen that this is a requirement that needs to be complied by to every member.

Debit Finance: 01908 422 007

The owners of our Shrewsbury franchise have decided not to renew their current Licence when it comes to an end on January 5th. Their decision is most disappointing as we had always been led to believe that they would be renewing after some five successful years with the group but they have decided to try their luck as an independent Gym and we wish them every success.

We are sorry to say goodbye to all those Shrewsbury members who have been part of the Gymophobics ‘family’ for so long but be assured that a new Gymophobics facility will eventually rise like a Phoenix from the ashes in Shrewsbury and when it does we hope to be able to welcome many of them back.

Current members at Shrewsbury should be aware that as their membership is with Gymophobics this will no longer be valid after January 5thThe independent facility will no doubt be happy to have them as a member however but this will involve setting up a new direct debit in favour of the independent gym.

Members who have paid in advance for their Gymophobics membership should approach the owners to discuss re-enrolment or a refund. Alternatively, contact Gymophobics franchise offices in Stafford on 01785 227273 or Email : for further advice.


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