Instructor Qualifications

At the heart of everything that we do for our ladies is the in depth training that our Instructors receive. Most conventional Gyms pay lip service only to staff training and even so called Personal Trainers receive less than six weeks training! One can only wonder just how much they can really learn in such a short time.

At Gymophobics however we are confident that our Instructors are easily the best trained in the UK. Following basic training at our National Academy in Stafford our staff study via our manuals and online training programme prior to sitting their Level 1 exam. This covers physiology, anatomy, exercise prescription, diet & nutrition.

Once they have achieved a Pass they continue their studies on line and by attending various Courses throughout their first year leading up to our Level 2 grade examination.

Even then we leave nothing to chance and all Instructors are required to attend refresher days at the Academy thereafter to refresh their knowledge and learn new updates.

Our determination to provide our ladies with the best staff in the Country is what makes us so successful and is why our members achieve their goals!

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