The Big 5 - 0!

At Gymophobics we are celebrating the opening of our fiftieth Centre in the UK.

Since our Founder Donna Hubbard opened the first Centre in Lichfield back in 2003 there has been steady growth ever since. Having proved its popularity in the first three Centres it was felt that to franchise the concept was the obvious next step and since then suitable franchisees have been recruited to open Centres around the UK.

Some have been so successful that they have subsequently opened two, three or even four Centres. Franchisees and their staff are trained by Donna and her Team at their National Training Centre in Stafford to ensure that the original standards of care and expertise are maintained.

As more Centres open we are seeing even more interest from ladies wanting to open their own Centre. Many are Members themselves. With at least five Centres due to open this spring we could soon be looking at celebrating 100 Centres! Wouldn’t that be something?

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