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Diet at Gymophobics

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Gymophobics is as much a slimming club as a Gym and our ‘holistic’ approach to weight & Inch loss is why our members achieve such great results. We promote healthy eating as the best way to achieve good health, maximise your energy levels and slow down the ageing process but when a ‘diet’ is required our highly trained Instructors personalise an eating plan for each member.

Keeping up with the latest research our Centres are now introducing a third option for slimmers with more than a stone to lose. In addition to our LSD plan which is based on low carbohydrate intake and the 5 / 2 Diet we are introducing a short term ‘FAST’ Plan which can be followed for two to four weeks. This is based on the results of some incredible ‘Trials’ in which slimmers have lost a stone in just three weeks!

The word ‘Fast’ may sound a little intimidating of course but there is no need to worry as you won’t go hungry on this Plan and two or three meals each day are allowed.

This very healthy meal plan is fine for almost every one but members with specific health problems, pregnancy, etc will be advised to seek their G.P’s approval first.