Basildon Gymophobics is a small, friendly inch and weight loss centre that caters for women of all ages. We are different from all the other conventional gyms as we tailor your fitness programme around you. Our fully trained instructors are always there at hand to guide you through your routine and make sure you get the maximum benefits.
What makes Basildon Gymophobics unique is that our instructors are always with you as part of your membership, which you do not get from most other gyms, or you would have to pay an additional charge for them.
All our equipment uses air resistant to smoothly tone and shape your body, and combined with our resistant bands routine and floor work we can cover everything you need. We review your progress every few weeks, to help you stay on track to achieving your goal.
So even if you have never been to a gym or have a phobia of gyms then, Gymophobics is for you.

We have full range of memberships to suit everyone's budget, for more details drop in and see a member of our team or contact us on the below number.


Gymophobics Basildon
57 High Road, Pitsea, Essex
SS13 3BB
01268 550909 Weekdays: 8am to 7:30pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm