7th April - 13th April

Every woman in Maghull wants what we offer!!!


 Do conventional gyms and health clubs give you a phobia?

Then Gymophobics is the place for you.


Mixed health clubs and conventional gyms can be intimidating with little or no input from staff and an over emphasis on youth, weight training, aerobics and high impact exercise. Whatever your age, if you are female and lack confidence in your figure, the last place you want to be is a gym full of stick thin super models and men sprouting muscles in all the right places!


Gymophobics however is different. Each session on our specially designed exercise circuit takes just 30 minutes and your personal programme takes your age and fitness into account. Our members ages range from as young as 12 to ladies in their 70's. Whatever your age, size or shape, Gymophobics makes exercise fun even if you have never exercised before. Our unique exercise circuit features specially designed equipment manufactured in America and Scandinavia with women in mind. Each machine is silky smooth to use and adjusted at the touch of a button. There are no clanking weights to negotiate. Exercise has never been so easy!

At Gymophobics you won't get lost in a crowd. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. Socialise with like minded people. You will love the VIP attention, and the female bias and at half the cost of most health clubs, you will even love our prices.

Most of all however you will love the super fast results! At Gymophobics, we can boost your energy levels, shape you up and slim you down in weeks rather than months. Most women lose a dress size in the first few weeks and you can lose inches from all the right places. At Gymophobics you really can roll back the years and regain your figure of youth.


Call us on 0151 526 1777 to reserve a free no obligation consultation & start your transformation now.



Take a trip through our web site to find out why Gymophobics is so different from a conventional gym. We will tell you about the benefits that you can expect from just two or three 30 minute sessions each week and you can read what some of our members say about us.

You will love the luxurious feminine environment and won't fail to be impressed with the personal VIP attention we give our members. Most of our ladies lose a dress size in the first few weeks and go on to achieve their ideal figure but we will be happy to give you a personal assessment to determine exactly what results you can expect and how quickly you can achieve them.

More than 200,000 women throughout the UK have already experienced our holistic system which includes a personalised programme using our unique ?AIR? equipment which takes the work out of the workout and makes exercise easier than you ever thought possible. But we offer so much more than a Gym. Our lifestyle prescription includes home exercise, a low sugar diet plan and a range of exciting exercise classes to choose from when you visit us.

Why not give us a call on 0151 526 1777 to arrange a FREE GUEST VISIT and find out more.

Gymophobics Maghull
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0151 526 1777 Monday - Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
Sunday Closed
Last Circuit Strictly 30 Mins Before Closing.