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Want to lose weight but don't like exercise?

Looking to improve your fitness but don't have the time?

Lacking motivation?

We are the solution everyone in Tamworth is chatting about: 

Ladies are losing a dress size in weeks not months with Gymophobics. 



We pride ourselves on being different to a conventional gym. Take advantage of our VIP attention every visit, without the personal trainer price tag and see the results you want in weeks not months!

In a beautiful environment. We have created a safe haven for women to feel comfortable and supported in their fitness journeys. But don't just take our word for it, have a look around and see what our members have to say about us. Better still, why not pop in and see what we can do for you!  

Call us now on 01827 60056 to claim your FREE consultation!


There is NO judgement here. A place where women support women.

If you'd like to start your fitness journey with us all you have to do is get in touch to request a free consultation. Choose a date & time that suits you. Come along & see us for yourself, have a chat about your goals and if you like the sound of us you can snag our exclusive deal.*

*For a limited time only! Remember to say you saw us online for tons of FREEBIES included in your package. All at almost half the cost of most conventional gyms.

It's time to make your health, happiness & yourself a priority.

What are you waiting for?

Call us now on 01827 60056 to claim your FREE consultation!


Still unsure?

There is nothing to be nervous of! Get a sneak peek at the inside of our premises in our gallery, but trust us when we say you need to see, our beautiful feminine facilities & how our members are achieving such amazing results, for yourself. 

10 reasons to check us out:

  1. Ladies only!
  2. Sessions take just 30 minutes
  3. Amazing results in weeks
  4. VIP attention every visit
  5. Relaxed, fun & friendly
  6. Our 'Air' resistance circuit makes exercise easy
  7. Suitable for all ages, sizes & abilities
  8. Personal programme
  9. Appointment system means no waiting for equipment
  10. Half the cost of most major health clubs 




Gymophobics - changing shapes, changing lives.

Call us now on 01827 60056 to claim your FREE consultation! 

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