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  • VIP Attention every Visit
  • Fast Inch & Weight Loss
  • Unique 'Air' machines
  • Resisted Tension
  • Only 30 minutes per session
  • Ladies Only, all ages
What our Members say
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I have been a member at numerous gyms before but always found them very stressful and I would just stop going. I find Gymophobics not stressful at all, I have always suffered from raised blood pressure. After only 6 weeks of regular visits to gymophobics I was invited to my regular GP health check and for the first time ever my blood pressure was described as "perfect". I could have skipped out of the surgery!! Thanks to Gymophobics for somewhere I feel comfortable and which has had a positive impact on my health.

- Sharon

If you have a preconceived idea about gyms, like I did, then you need to try Gymophobics. I wish I had joined ages ago! It's fun, the staff are lovely and you can get fit into the bargain!

- Karen Hands

I've been to so many Gyms and hated it! But Gymophobics is very different, I actually look forward to going. Lots of little ...added extras like having your weight checked, and blood pressure taken and lots more. Its women only which makes a huge difference you feel at ease. Amazing!

- Karen Rodway

'Thank you Gymophobics for the support and confidence. You guys are there to listen, support and advise. It would never be the same anywhere else thanks guys!

- Naomi Powell

I always feel very welcome and at home here. The staff are very attentive and knowledgeable. I feel I can ask them anything, that nothing is too much for them. I would recommend Gymophobics to anyone.

- Kath

Gymophobics has been my saving grace and kept me sane and of course it's 30 minutes of fun with you girls and all the other ladies.

Thank you again all of you and for all your support."

- Kathy

Since joining Gymophobics I have toned up and also gained more confidence about myself, the environment and staff are fantastic, really encouraging and helpful

- Natalie

I have consistently improved, physically and mentally. This has totally improved my confidence and output on life - all thanks to climbing those stairs to Gymophobics. Thank you!"

- Julie Simmonds

"I love the flexibility of Gymophobics, and that I can fit it into my day as it only takes 30 minutes. The gym is a very friendly place, there is always a cheery face to greet me. I have been a member for 2 years, and I am a lot fitter than I used to be"

"I have been living with MS for over 20 years and have been a member of Gymophobics since it opened in 2010. I love the fact it is a 'Ladies-Only' gym. The machines have helped strengthen my arms and maintain whatever I have left in my legs. The staff are friendly and on hand to help whenever it is needed."

"I have been a member for nearly 3 years. The instructors are very friendly and make exercising fun. so I'm fitter & more toned."

- Jeanette

"I have been a member since Gymophobics first opened. I really enjoy coming to the gym three times a week. The instructors are lovely and very supportive and your programme is changed frequently so you don't get bored. I have also made some great friends and it's nice to be able to sit and have a coffee and chat after your workout. The gym is a great friendly place to be."

- Lea Desborough

"I love that Gymophobics is a womens only gym. Been coming for a few weeks and I can feel improvement already & have more energy. All the instructors are lovely and helpful."

- Amy Hoklden

"Gymophobics is a very friendly place and we've built a good social club. All the instructors are excellent, understand our needs & motivate us."

- Dafila Singleton

"Gymophobics is the only gym that I have stuck to, they treat me like an individual! I have tried other gyms but they made me feel like I was being a nuisance when I asked for help or advice. The staff at Gymophobics are always pleased to help and the lovely atmosphere is the reason I have managed to keep coming for two years! Other gyms don't want to help unless they are charging extra, but here it isn't about cost, it's about helping and creating a very personal regime with every member."

- Angela Fouch

"There are happy, friendly staff who make you feel special. The encouragement they give is what makes you feel special. Would recommend Gymophobics to all as I have never felt so fit and well.

I feel very safe at Gymophobics! Every workout is fun and easy and it just goes to show that you don't have to sweat incredible amounts to lose loads of weight"

"I love Gymophobics and the company has upheld the fun, easy-going atmosphere. Everything is very calm and at your own pace. I love that there are no pressures to get to a size 8 in a matter of weeks. It's all built around you. You tell the instructor what you want and they will build a routine to meet your needs and allow you to achieve the exact results you want"

"The thing that I like most about Gymophobics is the atmosphere, no thrills, no fancy showboating, just people wanting to make positive changes. I'm very happy with my progress and the lovely Instructors."

"Love the staff and the quickness of the routines. I have made good progress and the staff are always willing to adapt if you feel you want to work more.

- Allison Shrouder