National Women’s Health & Fitness Day 2020

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National Women's Health and Fitness Day

Today marks National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. An annual observance that aims to focus attention on the importance of regular physical activity, proper diets and healthy living for women.

Whether you’re a Gymophobics member or a ‘gymophobe’ in general that hates any form of exercise, this is a day to champion YOU and YOUR health goals and celebrate that you can get moving however you please.

That’s right, you don’t need to attend countless spin classes, or bore yourself on a treadmill, to look and feel great and at Gymophobics, we make health and fitness FUN!

Developing our physical fitness along with our mental confidence goes a long way to keeping our bodies healthy. So many of us overlook the rest we need and the healthy foods our bodies need to fuel our days. When we take a few moments to learn the best ways to care for ourselves, we often take better care of others, too.

Whether you’re in tip-top shape, have goals in mind or never moved a muscle in your life – this day inspires us to take care of ourselves. And after all, September is the month of self-care!

Take a look at our list of simple things you can do to stay fit and healthy!


Walk or ride your bike somewhere instead of using a vehicle


We know it’s convenient to take the car here, there and everywhere. But walking or cycling can improve circulation, lighten your mood, aid weight loss, strengthen your body, improve sleep, improve breathing and loads more!


Try out a healthy food you’ve never eaten, or a new healthy recipe


It can be easy to get used to the same few meals, especially when you lead a busy lifestyle. Take some time over a weekend, or whenever you have a spare moment to browse some recipes that take your fancy and give them a go! You could find a new dinner-time favourite!

Pinch of Nom have hundreds of healthier recipes that you can look through for lunches, dinners, snacks and even sweet treats! [LINK TO PINCH OF NOM WEBSITE FOR EXTERNAL LINK AND GOOD FOR SEO]


Drink lots of fluids!


According to the NHS, [LINK TO NHS WEBSITE FOR EXTERNAL LINK AND GOOD FOR SEO] our bodies need water or other fluids to work properly and to avoid dehydration. That’s why it’s important to drink enough fluids. In climates such as the UK’s, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated. In hotter climates, the body needs more than this. We also get some fluid from the food we eat.


Get yourself moving


We were not made to sit on the couch all day and since many of us are sitting at home more often during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to get some physical fitness into our days. Aim for at least 30 minutes of daily exercise or 3 times a week minimum!


Ask a friend to work out


Not only will exercising be more fun, but research has shown that working out with a friend can help you stay motivated and lose more weight than those who go solo!


Set health and fitness goals


Setting goals is a great way to stay on track and really focus on what you want to achieve! Maybe you want to eat one vegetarian meal a week, or incorporate 1 superfood into your dinner or even achieve a specific weight loss over a period of time – give yourself something to work to! Us humans are creatures of habit and if we stick at something for 28 days, it becomes a habit!


Practice self-care


Your physical and mental health are both just as important as each other. Take care of yourself by giving yourself some ‘me’ time to do the things you want to do. Whether that’s taking a bath, going for a long walk or having a pamper afternoon. You can also take care of yourself by not going to bed too late, giving yourself a few minutes in the morning to stretch, limiting your screen time, fueling your body with healthy foods and exercising! At Gymophobics, it’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling good too!

There’s so many things we can do everyday to make ourselves fitter and healthier and on National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, it’s important that we take a moment to focus on ourselves and do something for the sake of our health.

Get the girls together at your local Gymophobics Centre for a workout and use #WomensHealthFitnessDay to post on social media! Don’t forget to tag us too!