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  • VIP Attention every Visit
  • Fast Inch & Weight Loss
  • Unique 'Air' machines
  • Resisted Tension
  • Only 30 minutes per session
  • Ladies Only, all ages
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Here are our most asked questions answered:

Question: "How easy is Gymophobics?"

Donna: Ladies love the fact that there are no clanking weights, no pounding treadmills or heart stopping fitness classes. Our Air Machines make exercise easier than you ever thought possible!

Question: "What about the cost?"

Donna: Gymophobics memberships cost from as little as £1 per day. We also have lots of different memberships to suit all budgets.

Question: "I go to work. Will I still have time to attend Gymophobics?"

Donna: YES, lots of ladies come before work, during work and after work and because we have an appointment system, you won't be waiting around! Its only 30minutes guranteed.

Question: "What about age and fitness levels?"

Donna: Our ladies ages range from 14 years to 85+ at Gymophobics and most have never used a gym before.

Question: "What kind of women use Gymophobics?"

Donna: Basically women who don't want to spend hours in the gym and want some TLC and attention while they exercise. Most want to lose weight or inches and achieve a figure to be proud of!

Question: "Tell us about the results?"

Donna: Most women lose a dress size in the first few weeks and go on to achieve their ideal weight and measurements for their height and frame size.