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The Circuit

Donna Hubbard

Gymophobics 30 minute Circuit is unique. There are ten exercise stations on the Circuit and members visit each one in turn. A traffic light system shows members when to move to the next station. In just 30 minutes each body part is tightened and toned.

Unlike conventional Gyms who use weight or hydraulic machines, the Gymophobics Circuit consists of 'Air' equipment which makes exercise easy and fun. Using 'Air' machines makes exercise feel like pushing or pulling on a cushion of air.

Air machines remove stress on the joints which is normally associated with conventional equipment making it suitable for all Users, even someone with osteo arthritis. Air equipment is state of the art which is why Premier league football Clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City use it in their own Gyms.

Unlike other circuit Gyms, each member is prescribed their own programme which tells them what they should be doing at each station. The number of repetitions, the resistance settings and even the exercises to be performed are selected to suit the Member's current goals and fitness levels.

The Gymophobics programme (called Resisted Tension) cleverly integrates four different exercise modalities, Isotonic (resistance exercise), Isometrics (muscle contacting & squeezing), Callisthenics (free movements using one's own body weight) and Cardio (aerobic conditioning).

Devised by Gymophobics Founder Donna Hubbard, Resisted Tension is probably the most effective and fastest inch loss system ever devised and in 2003 was awarded a Trade Mark, the first workout to achieve this in the UK.

In 2012 Donna's contribution to the fitness industry was recognised by the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) when she received their top Award which goes to the person considered to have contributed most to the future of fitness in the UK. Each year Members of the FIA throughout the industry are invited to vote for the Nominee who they consider most deserves this Award. Thousands of votes were recorded and Donna's victory reflects the originality of Resisted Tension and the uniqueness of the Gymophobics Circuit.