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What makes us so different?

The difference between Gymophobics and what is on offer at most conventional Gyms is our ‘holistic’ concept.

There are168 hours in a week and we believe that going along to a Gym for a few hours each week will only be of benefit if the rest of the week is in sync. That’s why at Gymophobics we have a holistic approach which takes each member’s lifestyle into account.

We look at how active our members are and show them ways in which they can supplement their gym sessions with a few ‘callisthenic’ exercises when they wake each morning. We prescribe a daily cardio vascular ‘walk’ programme to strengthen their heart and lungs and we work with our members to gradually improve their diet.

Our staff see themselves as far more than ‘Gym Instructors’. We train them to be ‘Lifestyle Counsellors’ who will support and motivate our members to lead healthier and more active lives. They will not criticise anyone who smokes or drinks too much or struggles to get sufficient sleep or handles stress poorly, but they will work with their members to help them to improve their lifestyle and achieve the radiant good health that they deserve.

Whilst most of us know the things we should change for the better, it is not always easy to do so on our own and having someone there to support us who cares about us and shares our joy when results are achieved can make all the difference. That’s why our members love their Instructors and recognise that they are there to support them every step of the way.

When the diet goes wrong or we miss a few sessions or we hit a ‘sticking point’ and our weight has stopped coming down – that’s when we benefit from having someone to talk to. Helping us to get back on course and make the adjustments to our programme when we need it is what our Instructors do best.

Our Lifestyle Counsellors are always there for you and our holistic approach ensures that whatever your goals may be, you will not have to face them on your own.

At Gymophobics we have many aims in mind. Whilst we recognise that most members want a better figure and most want to lose weight too, we also recognise that better health, more energy and a healthy lifestyle are just as important. True happiness is surely only attainable when wellness in all areas of our life is in place. Only when we are truly happy in our own skins are we best able to handle the stresses of modern life.

That is Gymophobics 'holistic' approach and our mission.