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About us

Who Are We?

Gymophobics is a ladies-only health and fitness franchise which to date has helped over 250,000 UK women achieve their goals. Our revolutionary-trademarked Resisted Tension programme is the foundation of the franchises’s success and has enabled us to open centres all around the country.

Our centres are like no other you will find in the UK. No treadmills, weights or mirrors. Gymophobics instructors are with you during your sessions to provide support, advice and encouragement.


Gymophobics About Us

Where We Came From

Donna Hubbard is an ex-professional swimmer who founded Gymophobics in 2003 with her husband Richard Hubbard; an ex-manager and instructor from the American Gym Chain Universal Health Clubs. Following successful respective careers, Donna and Richard turned their attention to helping reconditioned women who would not be happy using conventional gyms. The first centre which was owned and operated by Donna and Richard was located in Lichfield. The centre grew and they began franchising in 2005 from a base of operations in Stafford.

Following the decision to franchise, Gymophobics grew exponentially to operating 46 centres as of June 2021.

What is Resisted Tension?

Resisted Tension (RT) is the revolutionary trademarked programme that makes Gymophobics unique. It is performed by repetitively squeezing and holding muscles in a contracted state. During Donna Hubbards competitive swimming career, she found Isometrics so beneficial that she decided to integrate Isometrics in to the Gymophobics programmes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Integrating Isometric muscle contractions while performing resistance exercise on the machines has never been done before and is so unique that it has attracted a trademark – the only exercise system in the UK to have one.


About Us - Gymophobics

Our Centres

When visiting a Gymophobics centre, you will notice we are not like any conventional ‘gym’ you will visit. A lack of treadmills, rowing machines, mirrors and weights emphasise the use of our trade marked Resisted Tension (RT) programme.

We pride ourselves on giving you VIP attention, whereby you have an instructor with you throughout your visit. Personalised programmes are provided based on your individual goals and needs, and our qualified instructors are always on-hand should you have any questions.

Your visits are always pre-booked 30 minute sessions to ensure there is no overcrowding and no wait times for our specialist ‘AIR’ equipment.