Unique Exercise Circuit - Gymophobics

Unique Exercise Circuit

There are many unique features to a Gymophobics facility but the first thing that you will notice on arrival is the exercise circuit. There are no clanking weight machines or Barbells to negotiate at Gymophobics. Instead we have a 10 station circuit using smooth, silent AIR powered machines that make exercise easier than you ever thought possible. Designed by women, for women, our circuit takes the work out of the workout!

Using this equipment is just like pushing or pulling against a cushion of air. The circuit takes just 30 minutes to complete and is designed to work each major body part, tightening and toning flabby muscles to restore the body’s natural corset. Not only that, but as muscle fibres are ‘switched on’ you will start to burn more calories 24/7 even as you sleep, turning your body into a fat burning machine!

Your prescription will be as unique as you are and will take into account your specific needs, age and current condition. You will love the traffic light system that ensures that you never have to wait for a piece of equipment as when the lights change from green to red, everyone moves on to the next station.

Your personal Programme Card tells you exactly what to do at each station and this is reviewed and updated every three weeks.