FAQS - Gymophobics


How easy is Gymophobics?

Ladies love the fact that there are no clanking weights, no pounding treadmills or heart stopping fitness classes. Our Air Machines make exercise easier than you ever thought possible!

What about the cost?

Gymophobics costs not much more than a £1 per day with memberships to suit most budgets.

I go to work, will I still have time to attend Gymophobics?

YES, lots of ladies come before work, during work or after work and because we have an appointment system, you won’t be waiting around! Sessions take just 30 minutes, guaranteed!

What about age and fitness levels?

Our members range in age from young Teens to 60 plus at Gymophobics and most have never used a gym before. No prior fitness is required as each programme is designed to take your current ability into account.

What kind of women use Gymophobics

Basically women who don’t want to spend hours in the gym and want some TLC and attention while they exercise. Most want to lose weight or inches and achieve a figure to be proud of!

Tell us about the results?

Most women lose a dress size in the first few weeks and go on to achieve their ideal weight and measurements for their height and frame size. Our Resisted Tension programme means that you lose inches from all the right places and most achieve weight loss of up to half a stone per month.

Is it all about weight loss?

No! Better health is becoming a major reason why ladies come to Gymophobics. Lowering Blood Pressure, weight loss and strengthening the cardio vascular system means a greatly reduced risk of cardio vascular disease including Heart attack, Stroke, Thrombosis and Type 2 Diabetes. The risk of 11 types of cancer is also reduced and studies show that the life expectancy of aerobically fit people is greatly enhanced.

Will I feel different?

For most people, just three or four weeks on the Gymophobics programme can transform your life! You will sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed. Your energy levels will be trebled and coping with life will no longer be a chore. Perhaps the most exciting benefit is that fitness lifts depression. Your self esteem will be heightened and you will like yourself a lot more!

What if I have health and mobility issues?

Many ladies have health or mobility ‘issues’ when they start with us and although we can’t claim to ‘cure’ these we can report some amazing success stories.

Members with mobility restrictions usually report great improvements within a few weeks of commencement. The programme is designed to increase ROM (range of movement) by lengthening muscles and tendons around the joints.

For Back sufferers the benefits can often be amazing. For years Back sufferers were advised to rest up and take life easy. Eventually it was recognised that this advice usually made matters worse so the current treatment for most Back problems is exercise to improve mobility and to strengthen the surrounding areas. Our members constantly report huge reductions in lower Back pain.

There are many, many examples of members finding that their health issues have improved since starting at Gymophobics. Some report that they have been able to reduce or even eliminate pain killers which they had been taking for years! Always consult your GP of course but most will endorse the benefits of weight loss and exercise these days whatever your condition.

What is Resisted Tension (RT) and why is it so different to exercising in a conventional gym?

RT was invented by our Founder Donna Hubbard. In her youth as one of Britain’s top competitive swimmers Donna performed Isometric muscle toning exercise as part of her land training. This is performed by repetitively squeezing and holding muscles in a contracted state. She found Isometrics so beneficial that she decided to integrate Isometrics in to the Gymophobics programmes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Integrating Isometric muscle contractions while performing resistance exercise on the machines has never been done before and is so unique that it has attracted a Trade Mark – the only exercise system in the UK to have one!

RT means that members are benefitting from both resistance and Isometric exercise which means that they achieve better and faster results than when resistance exercise is performed on its own. Add to that the fact that not as much resistance is required when performing RT and it means that RT offers better results while not having to work so hard! A double whammy!

How important is the diet?

Unlike conventional Gyms, our ‘holistic’ concept means we pay as much attention to diet as we do to exercise. After all, we are what we eat! So Gymophobics is a Gym and a Slimming Club all rolled into one.

Why am I allowed to eat Fat and don't need to count calories?

We are proud of the fact that we were the first Gyms in the UK to recognise that conventional advice to eat less fat and to eat more carbs is wrong. Months before the media picked up on what leading consultants were saying, i.e. that the blame for the obesity and Type 2 diabetes crisis is not down to eating fat after all, but is actually down to eating sugar and carbohydrates, at Gymophobics our co-founder Richard Hubbard published his book ‘The Low Sugar Diet’. This has become an instant success and literally thousands of members have subsequently achieved amazing results.

Following the Low Sugar Diet is easy. Counting Carbs is much easier than counting calories of course and no one is ever hungry on this diet. Our Instructors work with members on a one to one basis and also offer weekly slimming classes at most Centres for those who prefer the community benefit of group sessions.

Why do instructors prescribe 'home' exercise as well as Gym sessions?

There are 168 hours in a week so don’t let anyone tell you that two or three Gym sessions are all it takes to maximise results. The truth is that increasing activity throughout the week in addition to your Gym sessions will make a huge difference to your results. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That’s why our Instructors are trained to be Lifestyle Counsellors. They not only look after you at the Gym but they prescribe ten minutes of home exercises (callisthenics) for you to do each morning plus a daily ‘Walk’ programme which will quickly improve your aerobic fitness.

Follow their recommendations and the benefits will escalate faster than you ever dreamt possible!

What other services are offered?

Some Centres offer beauty treatments, vibro-plate training and non-surgical lipo. More information about these services can be found by contacting your nearest Gymophobics.

** At participating Centres only