Christine Lewis

“After the birth of my daughter, I gained a horrifying amount of weight. I had lost all confidence and motivation. I have no energy and was out of breath just walking up the stairs. I couldn’t get on the floor easily to play with my child or run around at all. I had also been asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding and all I could think about was ruining her pefect day and hating the inevitable pictures!

“I knew I had to do something to change and the idea of a women only gym sounded appealing so I made that first appointment. No lectures, no pressures, no judging and no stares. What I got was a warm smile and a genuine commitment to help me achieve my goals and get my confidence back.

“The wonderful instructors are always on hand to help and encourage me and by making me laugh, ensure that working out never feels like a chore!

“In two years I have lost 8.5 stone, 109 inches, halved my BMI and have never felt better!

Thank you to everyone at Gymophobics.”

Katie Woods

Katie is amazing as she has lost her weight not once, but twice. Initially, Katie joined Rugeley in 2013 and reached her goal very quickly.

Katie says “The support from staff is fantastic and got me through the hard days when you are a new Mom. Mentally and physically I soon got back to the old me and now enjoy three 30 minute sessions each week – sometimes with my daughter in tow!”.

Ursulla Hassall

“My journey with Gymophobics began two years ago. Most days I was so tired coming home from work I would lie on the sofa watching TV.

“Too tired to cook I lived mainly on a take-away or would eat out. Buying clothes was a challenge. One day my husband walked past Gymophobics in Bedworth and couldn’t wait to tell me to go and have a look.

“I was so impressed with the warm welcome and have never looked back. I have lost five stones in just eleven months with the love and support from the Bedworth team. I would recommend Gymophobics to everyone and will always be gateful”.