Testimonials - Gymophobics



Kayleigh joined Gymophobics in January 2017 with her original goal to be a size 12, however, she’s now size 8/10. When Kayleigh first joined Gymophobics she was very unhappy and lacked confidence. She managed to lose her first stone in the first two months, she’s now lost 4.5 stone in total and healthily maintaining the weight. And most importantly, she’s much happier and her self-esteem has rocketed!

“I am happy that I discovered Gymophobics for myself, it’s been a lifestyle changing challenge for me.”


“I had struggled with my weight for years. I managed to lose weight but then got stuck at a size 20/22 and I just couldnt lose anymore.
I had little confidence, suffered with terrible back pain and was constantly taking pain killers. At the doctors I was told I was obese and pre diabetic.

I finally joined Gymophobics in February 2018, I didnt know what to expect. The Instructors were lovely, non judgemental. They gave me an exercise plan personally to suit me due to my back pain. As the weeks went by the pounds and inches started dropping off. I felt stronger and my back pain decreased. By October 2018 I was a size 12 and size I had not been for decades, I no longer used painkillers and I was now in a healthy range. The Instructors were brilliant all the way and still encourage me today. Another 12 months later at Gymophobics I am still maintaining my size 12 figure. I am so much more confident and happy now. I went abroad for the first time in 19 years and I wore a bikini!

I am extremely grateful to all the girls at Gymophobics, they have literally changed my life.”


“I joined Gymophobics last September, having decided I needed to lose weight and get in shape. I found the machines easy to use and settled in, easily going to my centre three or four times a week! In conjunction with diet advice, I have lost in excess of 2 1/2 stone and I have come down two dress sizes.

I feel alot fitter and look better and I will continue to come three or four times a week, I hope to reach my target weight loss of three stone and maintain it.”


“I noticed a few times some of the kids pointing and laughing at me.. my son and daughter mean the world to me and I was afraid that they might get bullied for having a fat Mom”

“For the first time in my life I can say that I fit in somewhere… my whole life I’ve been shy but since I joined Gymophobics I’ve gained some confidence to talk to people and take compliments….. I’m not scared to go to the shops on my own or out on day trips with my kids anymore…”

“I’ve been on some day trips with my kids and for the first time we went on the rides (it was fantastic!)  For years my kids tried to get me on our trampoline and for the first time this summer I went on it!  I’m now healthier and I’m looking forward to the future with my kids all grown up with families of their own”


‘I was a bit apprehensive when I first joined Gymophobics. I wasn’t very fit, I’d had a hip replacement a few years ago and I have osteoporosis. So I wasn’t sure how much exercise I could do, from day one I was made to feel very welcome and over the last few months I’ve built my fitness levels up.

I feel good about myself, more confident and I certainly feel fitter.  Since joining 6 months ago I have lost nearly 2 stone and my BMI has dropped to a healthy level.

My dress size has gone from a 14 to a 10 -12, I never thought I would fit into a pair of size 10 trousers!

So thank’s Gymophobics I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“After the birth of my daughter, I gained a horrifying amount of weight. I had lost all confidence and motivation. I have no energy and was out of breath just walking up the stairs. I couldn’t get on the floor easily to play with my child or run around at all.

“I knew I had to do something to change and the idea of a women only gym sounded appealing so I made that first appointment. No lectures, no pressures, no judging and no stares. What I got was a warm smile and a genuine commitment to help me achieve my goals and get my confidence back.

“The wonderful instructors are always on hand to help and encourage me and by making me laugh, ensure that working out never feels like a chore!

“In two years I have lost 8.5 stone, 109 inches, halved my BMI and have never felt better!

Thank you to everyone at Gymophobics.”


“I joined Gymophobics at the very beginning.

I’d had spinal surgery and was having physio, I then needed an exercise plan to suit my needs.

Ten years later, now aged 70 I am still one of their regulars. Gymophobics offers personalised exercise and diet plans with regular checks on progress to suit all ages. So come join us and see!”


Katie is amazing as she has lost her weight not once, but twice. Initially, Katie joined Rugeley in 2013 and reached her goal very quickly.

Katie says “The support from staff is fantastic and got me through the hard days when you are a new Mom. Mentally and physically I soon got back to the old me and now enjoy three 30 minute sessions each week – sometimes with my daughter in tow!”.


“When I joined Gymophobics I was naturally nervous and apprehensive, those fears quickly disappeared and I was made to feel welcome and put at ease straight away.  I have been so happy with the results it is beyond what I could have hoped for – it really has changed my life for the better!”


“I have recently joined Gymophobics, the encouragement I received was wonderful and I already feel part of ‘The Family’. Every member of staff is there for you and I feel better in myself.

I am so glad I made the effort to walk through the door and join! My aim is to keep fit and I have also joined some other ladies doing the classes.

I thoroughly enjoy it, thank you Gymophobics!”


“My journey with Gymophobics began two years ago. Most days I was so tired coming home from work I would lie on the sofa watching TV.

“Too tired to cook I lived mainly on a take-away or would eat out. Buying clothes was a challenge. One day my husband walked past Gymophobics in Bedworth and couldn’t wait to tell me to go and have a look.

“I was so impressed with the warm welcome and have never looked back. I have lost five stones in just eleven months with the love and support from the Bedworth team. I would recommend Gymophobics to everyone and will always be gateful”.


“I have lost over 2 stone, lost 19 inches from my body and lost 6.4% of body fat. I feel confident and hopeful for the future of my weight and health. I still look in the mirror and can hardly believe that slim looking person is me.”