VIP Attention - Gymophobics

VIP Attention


Each visit to Gymophobics is like having your own Personal Trainer. Our Instructors are on hand to ensure that you get all the help you need. Nothing is too much bother as we are determined to ensure that you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Your first visit Induction is designed to agree your personal goals including weight loss and inch loss targets. A personal programme will then be designed and you will take this around the circuit each time that you attend.

Your Instructors will regularly tweak the programme to ensure that it is doing the job it was designed for. Every three weeks your Instructor will review your progress with you.

What makes your Instructors so different from most conventional Gyms is that they offer a comprehensive holistic prescription which includes lifestyle advice. You will receive a daily 10 minute Callisthenic exercise programme to supplement your Gym sessions. No equipment is required. These exercises will be focussed on the areas that you most need to tone. You will also receive a ‘Walk routine’ designed to improve your cardio vascular system so that you are getting fit on the inside as well as on the outside!

And finally, you will receive a low sugar diet prescription to maximise weight loss and to help you to keep track of your carb intake.

Our Instructors never leave the circuit, therefore watching and correcting your technique on every machine you work on.