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Watch out for new Centres coming soon in Manchester, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Banbury and Birmingham which brings the number of new Gymophobics to thirteen following the recent openings at Wickford, Hinkley, Stowmarket, Macclesfield, Daventry, Sutton Coldfield, Uttoxeter and Garforth. For a full list of our Centres throughout the UK, click 'view centre list' at the top of the page.

We are always looking to recruit new franchisees and if you would like to be a Gymophobics owner please get in touch. If you are business minded this is a great opportunity to be your own boss with the support of our Franchise team behind you. We have opportunities throughout the UK. No previous experience is necessary as full training and support is provided but a real interest in health and fitness and a desire to help others to improve their lifestyle is essential.


Gymophobics new digital classes are going down a storm with members. By replacing the occasional Instructor led classes with on screen classes led by Gymophobics Founder Donna Hubbard it has meant that many more classes are now available at all times of the day to members who want to participate.

Apart from raising the standard of each class to a higher level, digital classes mean that Instructors are free to do what they do best, i.e. concentrate on looking after their members on a one to one basis. That’s why Instructor led classes have been replaced and despite a few reservations from some members at first who don’t like change, Instructors everywhere have been quick to tell us how much their members love the new classes once they have experienced them.

So popular are the digital classes becoming that some Centres are having to repeat them many times over during the week. If you haven’t tried Donna’s classes yet, you are in for a treat!


Huge congratulations from everyone at Gymophobics to Saffron Hart who is a member at our Hessle Centre. Saffron Hart, who is the reigning Miss Hull, fought off almost 50 finalists to be named as the overall champion of the national beauty pageant in a glitzy ceremony.

The 27-year-old will now represent Great Britain in the international final of Miss Tourism World in Malaysia next year. Saffron said: “I feel like I’m on another planet. It doesn’t feel real yet.

"I did it the year before and came seventh so I came back this year and improved on what I had done the year before. I took my nutrition and body a bit more seriously this time around.

Saffron, who owns a hair salon in Anlaby, said that her national triumph was inspired by her dad. “I lost my dad five years ago to cancer,” she said. “His mindset was always so strong and he was here longer than predicted so I’ve taken his strength with me.

"This was for my dad and my amazing mum who has been so supportive."


Research at Cambridge University found that 90,000 deaths each year in the UK are caused by nine-to-five office lifestyles as a desk job can almost double the risk of premature death and that people who sit for long periods are twice as likely to die over the next four years!

Believe it or not, 37 per cent of British adults spend fewer than 30 minutes a day on their feet! Here are just some of the ways in which our bodies are affected by long periods of inactivity.

Sitting for long periods increases the risk of weight gain, Type 2 Diabetes and cardio vascular disease including heart attack, blood clots and Back pain. During exercise the heart can increase its pumping power from five to 30 litres a minute and desk workers are encouraged to stroll around the office or walk up and down stairs every hour to increase heart rate and increase blood flow.

The largest study of its kind has looked at more than 130,000 people in 17 countries. The results published in The Lancet shows that exercise is the best medicine at our disposal and more powerful than any pill or exercise.

Those who exercised for 30 minutes, three to five days a week had a 28 per cent lower risk of heart disease than those who were less active. scientists have said.


New research shows that women who develop high blood pressure in their 40’s are significantly more likely to develop dementia than those with normal BP. The study looked at 5,646 adults and the results were published in the Journal Neurology showing that women with hypertension in their 40’s were 73% more likely to develop dementia than women whose blood pressure had been normal throughout their 30’s and 40’s.

Our own studies show that most new members who arrive with elevated BP will experience a significant drop within the first three months. We don’t suggest that someone with hypertension substitutes exercise for medication but even when medication is prescribed, exercise will usually enhance the benefits.


A new study from the University of Liverpool monitored a group of healthy people of normal weight with an average age of 25 and showed that even two weeks of being lazy increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease! Participants were told to reduce their activity by more than 80%. Exercise time fell from 161 minutes per day to 36 and sedentary time spent sitting increased by 129 minutes on average.

In just two weeks the results showed significant changes to the body including a loss of muscle mass by an average of .36kg and an increase of 1% to their central body fat!