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Donna Hubbard


When I created Gymophobics back in 2003 my vision was to help women  who might find conventional Gyms a little intimidating.

That’s why more than 200,000  women of all ages, from Teens to 60 plus have used our Centres to improve their fitness, boost their immune system and lose surplus weight.

Today, it has never been more important to exercise . The twin dangers of the Covid virus and type 2 diabetes make improving our health & fitness essential and at Gymophobics we make achieving results easier than you could ever imagine. Our unique ‘Resisted Tension’ system takes the work out of the workout!

Why not call us today and arrange a visit? You will love the friendly staff and the relaxed feminine environment. Just 30 minutes two or three times each week is all it takes to see dramatic results. It is no exaggeration to say that Gymophobics can change your shape and change your Life.