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Donna Hubbard

My Resisted Tension programme is quite different from the workouts offered in a conventional gym. Our unique AIR machines are designed to take the work out of the workout and just two or three half hour sessions each week is usually all it takes to see significant weight loss. Inch loss is targeted on exactly those areas that you need to trim.

There are many health benefits too. As oxygen is increased to every cell in the body, you will have more energy, you will sleep better and your risk of stroke, heart attack, thrombosis and hypertension is significantly reduced.

Our Centres offer so much more than a conventional gym. Instructors are lifestyle councillors trained to provide a personalised gym prescription plus a home exercise schedule and diet which is reviewed and updated every three weeks. Your age and any health issues you may have are taken into account.

You will love the friendly female environment and the VIP attention on every visit but please don’t take my word for it. Why not give your nearest Centre a call today and arrange a free Guest Visit. We will explain what results you can expect and how quickly you can achieve them. You can meet some of the 200,000 ladies who will tell you how Gymophobics has changed their lives for the better and of course we will be able to answer all your questions.

There are various Courses that we offer but the most you would pay would be not much more than a £1 per day! Not a lot for a great figure and the good health and fitness that you deserve.

Call us now for a Guest Visit. There is no cost or obligation . - Donna

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