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Founder Donna Hubbard has recorded the latest in her digital exercise classes which many Centres can now display on TV monitors in their class areas. Members have often requested Pilates and Donna Pilates is specially designed for Gymophobics members. It is not a Back breaker and almost anyone can join in but it may not be for complete beginners.


Newmarket's well loved Instructor Beverley Hayward has become the proud new owner of their Centre following the retirement of the previous franchisees. Beverley is passionate about her work and loves nothing better than helping ladies achieve their weight and inch loss goals.

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Two established Gymophobics Centres have come onto the market and represent a never to be repeated low cost opportunity.

One Centre is located in a busy west midlands town and the other in Lancashire. Both owners are retiring and are looking for a quick sale. These beautiful and well equipped facilities represent a great opportunity to get started in business with the support of a high profile and established franchise team.

Contact Gymophobics Franchise Office on 01785 227273 for further information.

Record Breaking Enrolments

Wow! New enrolments have reached record levels at many Gymophobics Centres around the country and we really dont know why.

Many Centres are literally struggling to cope with demand nd although we always get an influx of new members in January, this year has been exceptional.

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Check out our brilliant new 2016 Magazine available to members at any Gymophobics Centre subject to availability.


When the Government's plans to deal with female obesity were announced on BBC television, The BBC turned to Gymophobics in Stafford and ran a piece showing our ladies on the circuit. They also ran interviews with some of the members who pointed out that Gymophobics is the place to go!It is good to know that even the BBC turn to us when weight becomes an issue.

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