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Rugeley Gymophobics first opened its doors on 01/10/2011 and since then has worked with ladies of all ages from Teens to seventy plus. The Rugeley franchise is owned by Joanna.

The first step to changing your life for the better is to pay us a visit. A Guest Visit is free and there is absolutely no obligation to enrol. On arrival we will show you around before discussing what you would like to achieve. For most ladies this is likely to be a weight and inch loss goal. Our ladies come in all shapes and sizes, from some who want to lose a few pounds to those needing to shed many stones. Nothing phases our staff of course as they have worked with so many ladies before.

If you like what you see on your Guest Visit we can book you in for an Induction during which we will design a programme that fits your needs. It will include your 30 minute gym sessions plus a 10 minute home exercise routine and our low sugar diet which allows you to eat all the foods which once were banned!

But the best part of a Guest Visit is that you will be able to meet some of our ladies who will tell you how Gymophobics has changed their life.

Why not pick up the phone right now and book a Guest Visit?

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