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Improve Heart Health in Just 8 Weeks

Eating a plant based diet can boost heart health in just eight weeks.

Scientists at Stanford University in California studied two groups of healthy twins without cardio vascular disease and showed that a vegan diet improved their long term health in two months with the most change seen in the first month!

Professor Christopher Gardner said “ This study showed that a vegan diet is healthier than the conventional omnivore diet and is easily accessible to anyone. Benefits include increased gut bacteria and a reduction in telomere loss (related to DNA chromosomes) which slows down ageing in the body. Cutting out animal products showed a 20 per cent drop in fasting insulin and significantly lower cholesterol – cutting the risk of heart disease and diabetes and participants lost an average of 4.2 more pounds of weight than the omnivore group.

But what is even more important than going strictly vegan is including more plant based foods in the diet. Multicultural vegan foods like Indian masala, Asian stir fry and African lentil based dishes is a great first step!