KYPHOSIS - Gymophobics


As we get older it is quite common to see an abnormal rounding of the upper back which throws the shoulders forward and is sometimes unkindly called ‘dowager’s hump’! Its proper name is Kyphosis.

If you have spent years hunched over a desk this can be the result as can carrying heavy items like shopping bags which pull the shoulders forward.

For better posture try this simple remedy every day.

  1. On a soft carpet Kneel with your bottom on your heels. If this is difficult, pop a pillow under your ankles.
  2. Let your body reach forward from the waist and aim to touch the floor with your forehead, with your arms stretched in front of you as straight as possible.
  3. Stay there for as long as you feel comfortable taking a few deep breaths. You will feel the stretch throughout your body.
  4. Relax before repeating the stretch and perform up to five repetitions when starting. Later you will be able to increase the repetitions and will soon see and feel the benefit.