MENTAL HEALTH - Gymophobics


We know that when you’re struggling with your mental health, getting off the couch is one of the last things you want to think about doing. But, if you can gather the energy, you’ll begin to understand how exercise can be a powerful tool in helping you feel like YOU again.

Research into the benefits of exercise on mental health show that it can be helpful in treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety – that’s why the NHS prescribe exercise to treat some mental health issues.

Studies show that regular exercise directly increases levels of several neurochemicals in the brain, including serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals help regulate emotions and feelings of reward and may be behind the immediate boost most people feel after working out.

Gymophobics Instructors design your personal programme around your goals, Just 30 minutes on our 10-station-circuit, 2-3 times a week is all it takes to achieve amazing results but If you don’t feel up to leaving the house or you’re shielding, there are lots of fitness classes and videos online that you can tune into. Gymophobics’ exercise videos cater for beginners all the way through to experienced members.