Potassium - Gymophobics


A potassium-rich diet is linked to many impressive health benefits and may help reduce Blood Pressure which affects nearly one in three people and is a risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death world wide. A potassium-rich diet may reduce blood pressure by helping the body remove excess sodium. High sodium levels can elevate blood pressure, especially for people whose blood pressure is already high. An analysis of 33 studies found that when people with high blood pressure increased their potassium intake, their systolic blood pressure decreased by 3.49 mmHg, while their diastolic blood pressure decreased by 1.96 mmHg.

In another study including 1,285 participants aged 25–64, people who ate the most potassium had reduced blood pressure, compared to people who ate the least. Those who consumed the most had systolic blood pressure that was 6 mmHg lower and diastolic blood pressure that was 4 mmHg lower, on average.

A potassium-rich diet may also help prevent Strokes and Osteoporosis. An analysis of 33 studies including 128,644 participants, found that people who ate the most potassium had a 24% lower risk of stroke than people who ate the least. In another study with 994 healthy premenopausal women, scientists found that those who ate the most potassium had more bone mass in their lower back and hip bones.

Boost your potassium levels by eating more salmon, lentils, spinach, yoghurt, milk, bananas and dark chocolate.