Pregnant? - Gymophobics


Unless your GP tells you not to exercise while pregnant due to a medical condition, then there are many scientifically proven benefits for you and your baby by keeping fit.

Remaining active during pregnancy helps to decrease the chances of developing pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.

Exercising your spine and joints will help to prevent lower-back and pelvic pain. Whilst weight gain in pregnancy is natural, regular exercise can prevent many issues associated with obesity.

Exercise can significantly reduce tiredness by increasing blood flow and by releasing endorphins and dopamine.

Exercise stimulates bowel action and reduces the risk of constipation.

Research at the University of Granada found that women who exercised three times a week during pregnancy were less likely to have macrosomic (bigger) babies which can lead to complications during delivery.

Exercising at Gymophobics under the supervision of our super friendly staff makes good sense!