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Stand Up For Health

Sitting is bad for our health. In fact it could be killing us.

Way back in the 1950’s researchers highlighted the difference between bus drivers (who sit all day) and bus conductors who used to stand at the back of the bus to give out tickets. They found that the drivers were twice as likely to have heart attacks as were the conductors!

John Buckley, professor of applied exercise science at University Centre in Shrewsbury explains ‘When we sit for long periods our bodies go into ‘sleep mode’ shutting down many important functions that keep us healthy.  Our metabolism drops to a resting level.’

When we stand up all systems function optimally against gravity and this constant force helps to maintain muscle strength and bone density too. This imperceptible increase in muscle activity helps to keep blood sugar under control.

So, stand whenever you can and try to do so briefly every  30 minutes.