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Donna’s Message

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Tune in to our Founder Donna Hubbard’s regular message here to keep up to date with everything that is happening at Gymophobics.

Donna’s Message

Hi Everyone,

It is kind of hard to believe that we are celebrating 20 years in business since we opened our doors for the first time in Lichfield. Since then Gymophobics has expanded around the UK and there are now some 38 Centres, each one owned and operated by Franchisees.

Each Owner and their staff are trained at our headquarters in Stafford and online to ensure that our unique system is on offer everywhere. It goes without saying that our success is based on the very high standards that we set.

Incidentally, if you or someone you know would like to be their own Boss and become a Gymophobics Owner in a town of their choice, then do get in touch. We would love to hear from you as we plan to continue opening new Centres this year. We have 38 Centres open already and it would be nice to get to 50!

Our latest Centre to open is in Darwen near Blackburn. Tracey and her team are working flat out to cope with the interest and new members are enrolling every day. We wish them every success.

In the 20 years we have been operating we have helped some 250,000 ladies to improve their health and figure by offering the support and encouragement that we feel they deserve. Many women find conventional Gyms intimidating so the all female environment at Gymophobics and the VIP attention we offer is unique.

At Gymophobics we specialise in the over 40’s who often find conventional, male dominated gyms intimidating and as a female only facility we focus on the things that matter most to women. There is a strong ‘community’ feel about our Centres which means that it is somewhere to make lasting friendships.

And we are not just about weight loss and figure improvement, if you know of someone who is depressed or feeling low or has poor self esteem, do recommend us to them.

At Gymophobics we change lives for the better!

Donna Hubbard