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Does Gymophobics Really Work?

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Does Gymophobics Really Work

Does Gymophobics Really Work?

Since 2003, more than 250,O00 women of all ages have achieved figure improvement and health benefits at Gymophobics. For many members their results have, quite literally, been life changing.

A number of reasons contribute to the effectiveness of the Gymophobics system. Unlike conventional Gyms, members attend by appointment, which allows staff to work with small numbers at any given time, further helping to provide personal attention.


Does Gymophobics Really Work Courtney Law
2020 Gymophobics Slimmer Of The YearLost 5.2 Stone
Lost 8 Dress Sizes

Following a detailed Induction on their first session, each member receives a personalised exercise and diet prescription which is updated every three weeks to ensure its effectiveness. The exercise prescription takes full account of the member’s current fitness. Where possible, members attend for two or three 30 minute sessions each week using ‘AIR’ machines which are designed to tighten and tone the body without the stress that conventional Gym equipment involves.

Members are also prescribed a 10 minute supplementary programme of home exercise for the days when they don’t attend, which boosts the effectiveness of the main prescription.

Unlike conventional Gyms, each member  receives a personalised diet prescription which is regularly updated alongside the exercise regime ensuring that most slimmers see a weekly weight loss of one to two pounds per week.

By regularly monitoring each member’s blood pressure, resting heart rate, and body mass index (BMI), staff are able to ensure the programme’s effectiveness and it is this close attention to detail which lies behind the programme’s health benefits.

Finally, it should be said that Gymophobics staff are selected for their caring and compassion and are probably the best trained in the industry. Attendance throughout the year at the company’s National Training Academy in Stafford, backed up by intensive on-line training, ensures that Gymophobics Instructors are dedicated to helping each and every member achieve the results that they deserve

So does Gymophobics really work? Well, welow are some of the amazing transformations our ladies have achieved at Gymophobics!

Does Gymophobics Really Work Does Gymophobics Really Work
Does Gymophobics Really Work Does Gymophobics Really Work