The new Gymophobics Centre in Daventry is a part of nationwide group of ladies weight and inch loss centres that began in 2003 and now has some 42 facilities in the UK.

Since Gymophobics first opened its doors, more than 200,000 women of all ages have enjoyed the unique holistic experience that they offer.

Ladies coming into the Daventry facility will find a beautiful feminine environment that will immediately put you at your ease. The unique AIR machines are a joy to use and take the work out of the workout! Gymophobics is nothing like a conventional gym. Here, we actually talk to you on every visit and work with you to ensure that you get results. You will love the VIP attention!

Each member gets a personal programme based on their age, health, fitness and their needs. Figure improvement is high on most members priorities and our members shed dress sizes faster than you would ever think possible. That's down to two things. Firstly, our Resisted Tension workout which is so unique it has gained a Trade Mark, the first in the UK to have one. Just two or three half hour sessions per week is recomended.

Secondly, our members receive their own diet and home exercise programme to supplement their Gym sessions as Gymophobics is a Gym and a Slimming Club all rolled into one! You will love our tasty Low Sugar Diet. 

And you will love the friendly atmosphere at Gymophobics. You will make many friends at Gymophobics and visits soon become an important part of our members social lives too. There is always something going at Gymmophobics, including coffee mornings/evenings, ladies night outs, demos, talks, fund raising events for local charities, etc. 

Whatever your weight, age or fitness , Gymophobics is the place to be for anyone who wants better health, more energy,  and a figure to be proud of. Our staff are all trained at National Training Academy in Stafford and their knowledge of physiology, anatomy and nutrition is a second to none. You will be safe in their hands.

Contact the new Daventry Centre (Click on Contact us buttom) or just give us a call on

01327 437272 and you will be glad you did! 


Gymophobics Daventry
3, Foundry Court
NN11 4RH
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