At Gymophobics Redditch we take our members results very seriously, we set goals with you when you first join, to ensure you achieve those goals we weigh you weekly and review you every 3 weeks!

If you want to feel amazing and get great results you can count on plenty of support and motivation from our friendly team!

We are in our 11th year of helping the women of Redditch look and feel fantastic


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Find out how our ladies are seeing results in weeks NOT months with us!


Hate Gyms? LOVE Gymophobics!

We suit all ages, sizes, fitness levels & goals!


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 If conventional gyms and health clubs give you a phobia, then Gymophobics is the place for you... We are based in the heart of Redditch Town Centre on Prospect Hill, with our own car parking for your convenience!


Mixed health clubs and conventional gyms can be intimidating with little or no input from staff and an over emphasis on youth, weight training, aerobics and high impact exercise. Whatever your age, if you are female and lack confidence in your figure, the last place you want to be is a gym full of stick thin super models and men sprouting muscles in all the right places!


Gymophobics, however, is different

 Each session on our specially designed exercise circuit takes just 30 minutes and your personal programme takes your age and fitness into account. Our members ages range from as young as 15 to ladies in their 80's.

Whatever your age, size or shape, Gymophobics makes exercise fun even if you have never exercised before! Our unique exercise circuit features specially designed equipment manufactured in America and Scandinavia with women in mind. Each machine is silky smooth to use and adjusted at the touch of a button. There are no clanking weights to negotiate. Exercise has never been so easy!

At Gymophobics you won't get lost in a crowd. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. Socialise with like-minded people. You will love the VIP attention, and the female bias! 

Most of all however, you will love the super fast results! At Gymophobics, we can boost your energy levels, shape you up and slim you down in weeks rather than months. Most women lose a dress size in the first few weeks and you can lose inches from all the right places. At Gymophobics you really can roll back the years and regain your figure of youth.  


Exercise just got easy with our trademark 30 minute workout which works for everyone as we tailor your programme to suit you!


10 good reasons to join

We are a ladies only facility

Sessions take just 30 minutes

Expect amazing results

You will get VIP attention on every visit

It's a friendly, social environment

Our 'air' resistance circuit makes exercise easy & fun

There is no embarrassment, no showers or mirrors to negotiate

It's not intimidating, other members will be just like you

Free Virtual Classes suitable for all ages and levels

Home exercise and diet programmes 

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30 minutes 3 times a week changes lives



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